Advantages Of Learning A Foreign Language

Learning a foreign language opens many doors in life. Since we live in world that is so connected, it is vital to be able to communicate with all kinds of people from different countries and backgrounds. So here are some of the advantages of learning a foreign language. 

  1. Meet new people

How would you feel if a foreigner comes and speaks to you in your own language? Wouldn’t you feel instantly connected? Likewise, if you are in an unknown setting but know their native language, it would be much easier to communicate and make friends. You’d see how much people feel comfortable to open-up when they speak in their own language. 

  1. Employers love it

Your CV will stand out among the others since knowledge of a foreign language will benefit the company. Also, it shows that you are determined and committed to learn new skills. Diversity is a trend in most companies today. It is vital that you be able to work with all of them as a team. Knowing their language is a great contributing factor to build a good relationship with them. Also, if your company engages in foreign projects, your employer will be pleased to put you in charge. The Chinese economy is booming rapidly and hence if you it, it would be greatly beneficial for you. Take up how to learn mandarin to see how your Chinese proficiency is. 

  1. Great for travelling

Knowing many languages opens-up your travel destination possibilities. It would be easier to get around if you know the native language. Also, people would offer to help you out since they would appreciate the fact that you took time and effort to attempt to learn their language. So, they don’t expect you to speak fluently. You can also experience their culture much better. Take part in their festivals, enjoy literature and get up-close and personal with the native people. Learning a common language such as Chinese could allow you to travel to many countries as Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong etc. since they all speak Chinese. So, learn Cantonese to explore more

  1. You become smarter

People who know many languages, tend to score better at tests. It improves your memory capacity and your attention span. When you learn a new language, your brain functions better as it exercises and challenges your problem-solving skills. As you change focus from one language to another, it improves your multitasking abilities. Bilingual people have found to be more logical and rational in decision making, as they compare all possibilities. It has also been found that such people can avoid diseases such as Alzheimer and Dementia. So, it’s not only that you become smarter, but you stay smarter for a long time too.

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