Apprenticeship At A Legal Chamber

Apprenticeship is an opportunity where people work under an organizer as an unauthorized trainee. The difference between the trainee and an apprentice is that, trainees are considered as an employee of that organization but the apprentices cannot be considered as an employee. Also these apprentices, most of the time doesn’t get any salaries but some organizations provide basic allowance only and most of the times, people work in an apprenticeship only to get good experiences and to develop their skills. Especially when it comes to apprenticeship at a legal chamber the same rules will be apply.

Also, when a law chamber an apprenticeship opportunity to a person, there either party work for their benefits. It is because the law chamber can use the apprentice to do all their works and simply it helps them to reduce their work load. At the same time when a person work as an apprentice then he won’t get any money but they can get so much of practical knowledge and it gives them a good opportunity to learn so many new things from their senior lawyers which helps to their law profession.

When we’re talking about the law chambers, different chambers have specialized in deferent areas of law. Therefore, the apprentice should select the field which they liked to masters under law. Especially these days we can see that most of the government sectors have their own legal aid. Also, these sectors give opportunities for apprentice in order to get a different experience. Especially they can learn and get to know about the government sectors. For example, if a person gets a chance to work under a central office, then he can learn about the lease office at Sheung Wan, deed, financial affairs, legal status and their customized rules and regulations etc.

Accordingly, it’s important to mention that, for a person to get well train then they have to find the professional and well established firms. Then only they can get professional knowledge and experience. For example if an apprentice lawyer wants to get commercial and financial knowledge, then they to join to the firms which is similar to international finance center. By doing this, they can learn about buy office at Wanchai, ifc financial systems, ifc investment method and so many new things etc.

Therefore, by doing this apprenticeship in different areas of law, we can get basic knowledge of it. And, this helps us to select the best area in which we have interest and skills. By doing this, we can become as a successful lawyer.

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