Help With Vinyl Banner Design

If you are ever tasked with creating a simple banner for your shop, you may think that the task at hand is not something that needs an in-depth look, as you should be able to come up with an effective design in the span of a few minutes. But you will quickly realize that this really is not the case, or else you can end up with a banner that looks out of place or is just not effective for its intended scope.  

Either way, this simply wastes the potential of your banner, which is exactly why you need to put more effort into designing your banner in a way that you can actually get some use out of it. Remember that a clever banner is an easy way to attract customers to your shop, so don’t ever underestimate its importance.  

The following design tips can be used as a starting point in order to get your banner design going in the right direction. Of course, they aren’t a step-by-step tutorial to design your banner, but even these guidelines should be enough for you to avoid committing serious design mistakes, so keep reading below for more information: 

Consider the Banner’s Placement 

No design choice can be made without first knowing where a particular banner is going to be placed. This is because a lot of factors, like color selection, amount of lighting required and even the banner size, are going to be affected by its position and orientation. As such, the first thing you need to do is find a suitable space for your vinyl banner. label sticker

Determine the Purpose of Designing Your Banner 

Any kind of banner is there for a purpose, as shop owners don’t just casually put graphics and other forms of visual advertising just because they feel like doing so. Some banners may be used to grab the attention of passers-by or for event installation, while others may be used in order to convey useful information. 

Use Large Fonts 

If you are going to write anything on a banner or label sticker, make sure to use large and clearly legible fonts, as banners are typically designed to be seen from a variety of angles and distances. If you opt for smaller fonts, you decrease your banner’s effectiveness, as people who are a little more than a few meters away won’t be able to read anything that may be written on it. 

Use Catchy Text 

Not all banners require the use of text (in fact some just use pictures and images to convey messages). When using text, make sure to use catchy taglines or other forms of creative writing, as people will feel bored to read extremely long-winded paragraphs, especially because most of them won’t have time to just stare at your banner for more than a few seconds. 

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