Sleep And Drink Your Way To A Fitter And Brighter Tomorrow

It is a very common practice for individuals to stay up very late into the night and dash out early for work. Slowing, you start depriving your system of much needed sleep. This in turn will affect your eating habits and mental health. You start becoming less alert, hungrier for no reason and grumpier without realising it. It is well known that it has a terrible effect on your health contributing to high blood pressure and other cardiovascular diseases.

Sleep well

Solution – you need to realise your body has an inbuilt clock. This is the best alarm and day planner you could possibly have. It’s very much like how a baby decides to eat and sleep. There are those specific times when they naturally fall asleep, even if it’s right in their bowl of food. Then there are the times they eat with no fuzz at all. Similarly if we listen carefully our body will try to tell us that it’s hungry and sleepy at different times. Your body works in such a way that it knows when it needs a quick nap or a long sleep. You will find that if you start following your body clock, you will get to bed early and get out early and fresh. You will be performing better and maybe may need a quick nap during the afternoon. With these changes you will soon be saying good bye to unwanted diseases and unwanted obesity and see your fitness levels increase drastically,  if you are interested in children yoga, go here.

The exercise and water

While you are getting the sleep in a roll, you also need to start drinking plenty of water. Avoid pre packed juices which come with too much added sugars, concentrates and preservatives. Water increases your metabolism and thus helps in weight loss. It flushes out toxins and provides the body with the needed attributes for optimal performance. Every fitness trainer in HK will be sure to advice you on this secret.

While you are going about doing your daily routine opt to walk to places you used to drive to. If it’s not too far, run errands on foot. This way you will be incorporating exercise into your daily routine without even realising it. Take the stairs instead of the lift or escalator. If you feel like you need to wear heals and therefore cannot walk around in them for too long, carry them in your bag and set off in a good pair of runners. Soon when the fitness level increases you will be able to do more, achieve more and inspire others.

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