Talk About Chopsticks

It’s always been a mystery how a very simple tool has a prominent presence in Asian cultures for about 6000 years. First it was used by the Chinese and later it spread to countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, North Korea, Singapore, Japan and much more. Chopsticks have probably become popular throughout the world due to its multipurpose usability. These unique tools are made from bamboo, plastic, wood, or stainless steel and they are also made from gold, porcelain, silver, ivory or jade but these cost more and they are usually used as a symbol of status. Here are some facts that you probably didn’t know about chopsticks

Hair accessories
These actually make great decorative pins for hairstyles. The use of chopsticks for hair style can be seen in historical paintings and also in fashion today. Gold, Silver, porcelain, jade and ceramic chopsticks are widely use in eastern and western counties as hair accessories. The prominence of these sticks have become so great in the fashion industry that brands such as Louis Vuitton didn’t pass up the opportunity to make their mark in the chopstick industry. But these branded products will at least cost up to about $500. In the ancient times the pricing depended on the materials used but now it’s more depended on the brand. Want to buy ceramic chopsticks? just click the hyperlink provided for details and for all inquiries.

A lethal weapon
Ancient people actually used metal chopsticks as a weapon. A trained martial arts fighter can probably defend a knife attack with these tools. It can also be used as a throwing weapon that can be strong enough to go through plywood. Best part is on one would suspect common house hold use to be a weapon therefore it become a great substitute for blades and other hand held weapons.

A weight lose magician
All you weight watcher out there you may want to consider the use of chopsticks in our plan to slim down. The use of these tools is so much more effective and healthier than starving yourself. According to scientist its takes about 15-20 minutes for your stomach to send a signal to your brain that you have consumed enough food from the moment you start eating. Eating from two wood sticks is definitely more time consuming than eating from a fork or spoon therefore the amount you consume at every meal will be controlled without you even noticing it.

To cook and eat with
The most common use of wooden, metal and ceramic chopsticks would be seen in the kitchen and dining table. They are used for stirring while cooking and making drinks, as eating utensils, and used to level-off to measure dry ingredients. They can even be used as grilling sticks to grill meat for a barbeque. See this quality chinese chopsticks.

Besides all that chopsticks are also commonly given as gifts and souvenirs. The specially made metal, jade, wooden or ceramic ones would actually make good wedding favors as well (souvenirs). With all the possibilities its given no wonder these sticks have managed to survive in the ever changing times.